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Kings Row Gastropub - Pasadena

I had Sunday Brunch here. ENGLISH FOOD!!!!!!!! (contrary to popular belief, it’s DELICIOUS)¬†I really want to come back here for their breakfast items on the sunday¬†brunch menu.

WHITE CHOCOLATE MAC AND CHEESE (gouda, parm, white chocolate ) <3 It was amazing. Don’t worry, it didn’t actually taste like white chocolate, but it did have a hint of sweetness.

Their rib eye burger with st agur bleu and white cheddar was fantastic. The burger was so juicy and the flavors blended wonderfully. It comes with fries, but you can substitute the fries with a salad.

Other things I really want to try: polenta fries, duck hassies, shrimp toasties, portobello fries…pretty much their whole menu :)

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